December 2023

Go SDK Generator with Fern

Introducing Fern for Go Client Generation

You can now use Fern to generate a Go client for your REST API. Here’s an example of Hookdeck’s Go client:

code showing go client use

“We rely on Fern to generate the Go SDK for our upcoming Terraform provider. The SDK is straightforward to use, idiomatic, and the support has been excellent. We’ve made the SDK public and are confident that our customers will enjoy it as much as we do.”

  • Anh Luong, Developer Experience Engineer at Hookdeck

Key Features of the Go SDK Generator

  • Fully Typed: Provides excellent autocomplete and compile-time safety for your users.
  • Dependency Free: Crafted using the standard library, ensuring compatibility with any net/http-flavored library.
  • Idiomatic: Offers an intuitive, Stripe-like package structure.

Our Roadmap for SDK Generators

  • Generally Available: TypeScript, Python, Java, Go (new)
  • Upcoming: Ruby, C#
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